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The Making of a Tax Prodigy

Tax Prodigy is a SaaS company dedicated to providing you, the tax professional, with solutions that will allow you to spend your precious time thinking and working with tax issues instead of fighting with archaic (yet expensive) software, memorizing byzantine code, or debugging kludge spreadsheets.

The Tax Prodigy Team is made up of tax and technology professionals with years of experience. While implementing and working with the competitions' products, we decided there had to be a better way. Turns out we were right! It's time for you to experience the "what's possible" and become a Tax Prodigy yourself.



Tax Prodigy builds solutions with all the detail required for extreme accuracy while making it simple to use. How you ask? We think like you do. You, as a tax professional, will recognize the flow of the design immediately.



Power comes from the proper allocation of resources to the biggest challenges. Your software should not be at the top of the list of biggest challenges. Refocus your time and energy on those tax challenges that move the needle.



For most companies, implementation can be done in a matter of hours or days - not weeks or months.

“The move to Tax Prodigy Provision has allowed us to focus on value added items versus wasting time updating spreadsheets”
- Todd Suchevits, VPTax, Inc.

With the End In Mind

After all the work required to calculate an accurate provision, why is it so hard to get the journal entries and footnote presentation done? Those struggles are a thing of the past when you implement Tax Prodigy Provision. All the details needed to close out your provision process are at your fingertips. The required footnote disclosures are calculated for you. Now you can spend time editing the verbiage instead of tinkering with numbers.


Fully Integrated Balance Sheet Approach

See the whole picture. Tax Prodigy’s multi-dimensional, balance sheet approach simply isn’t possible to replicate in a spreadsheet. Easily manage your deferreds, payables and UTB rollforwards for each jurisdiction you file a return for. The rate reconciliation truly does “fall out”. Tax Prodigy‘s fully integrated, balance sheet rollforward approach is organized around the requirements of ASC 740 improving accuracy, saving time and driving efficiencies.


Intuitive Platform Software

Tax Prodigy Provision is truly designed for tax professionals by tax professionals, and it shows. Information is entered right where it belongs with a keen focus on minimizing the amount of clicking around you need to do to complete a task. There are no system generated codes or rigid account structures to deal with. In Tax Prodigy Provision you use your own company names and book-to-tax difference descriptions. This makes implementation and cross-referencing between the Tax Prodigy Provision, compliance and your support workpapers simple.


S-Ox Controls

The PCAOB is, once again, stepping up their scrutiny of your auditors! What’s the issue? Evidence of review! Tax Prodigy Provision provides both cell-level workpaper referencing as well as comment and response functionality that identifies the author of each comment, each response and provides a date and time stamp of the entire process. Your auditors will breathe easier knowing their documentation has been completed for them in the natural course of the audit.

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